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Poetry is my passion. In 2013 it became somewhat of an obsession.

Below are 7 of the poetry books published in the last year that I want you to know about.


1. Spider Woman / La Mujer Araña by Sonia Gutierrez

Olmeca Press January 2013

“Ever since I took up the pen, poetry continues to visit me. I continue to write about and discuss pressing social issues that haunt me and demand our immediate attention—as a country and as a larger global community. I am a promoter of social justice and human dignity for all people deserving mutual respect and understanding.”


2. Slices of Los Angeles by Mike Sonksen

Grid BLDR Press February 2013

“Mike Sonksen, also known as, Mike the Poet, is a 3rd-generation LA native acclaimed for poetry performances, published articles & legendary city tours. Poet, journalist, historian, tour guide, teacher. He graduated from U.C.L.A.”

3. Ascension by Luivette Resto

Tia Chucha Press April 2013

“Ascension explores the delicacy and the fragility of all re­lationships; not just the romantic ones in nature, but the ones we have with our family, friends, community, city, politics, nature, history, and ourselves. Some poems focus on the complexity, nascency, and dissolution of these re­lationships while other verses are unapologetic with their celebration of the self.”



4. I took my Barrio on a Road Trip by Edward Viduarre

Slough Press April 2013

“Take a trip with the Barrio Poet from El Salvador to East L.A. and finally to Texas in this premiere collection of poems by a man who escaped the fate of many in the barrios of La Lucha and turned those experiences into poetry. This book is as much a story of struggle and survival wrapped in poetic verse as it is a love story for life.”



5. Moth Wing Tea by Dennis Cruz

Punk Hostage Press June 2013

“How do we translate the unspeakable language of grief? In the short, harrowing lines of MOTH WING TEA, Dennis Cruz gives us his answer. This is the poetics of survival: no adornment, no romanticizing; only the simple, methodical imagery of a poet saying out loud. The juxtaposition of fresh paint, chrome, and a suffering body. The world as explained by one who knows there is more to this life than simply getting up for work. The unvarnished descriptions of violence. The voice of Dennis Cruz weaves together a patchwork of tragedies into a manifesto for poets in the 21st century.


Random Acts of Terror


6. Random Acts of Terror by Luis Rivas

Citizens for Decent Literature Press June 2013

“The seething frustration Rivas feels burns from every page. His poetry is rooted in concerns he sees every day. His writing is relevant to an entire generation of poor in a society which manages to both ignore race and ethnicity and exploit them.”


Sueño book cover

7. Sueño by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Wings Press October 2013

“Sueño is the fifth major collection of poetry by iconic Chicana/Native American poet, Lorna Dee Cervantes. Intellectually brilliant, linguistically playful, politically intense, sensually aflame, these poems engage the reader on half a dozen levels at once.”

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About the Author:

Iris De Anda is a writer, activist, and practitioner of the healing arts. A womyn of color of Mexican & Salvadorean descent. A native of Los Angeles she believes in the power of spoken word, poetry, storytelling, and dreams. She has been published in Poetry of Resistance, The Border Crossed Us, Coiled Serpent, OCCUPY SF poems from the movement, & online @ La Bloga. She is a moderator for Poets Responding to SB 1070. She performs at universities, community venues & events. She hosts The Writers Underground Open Mic every third Thursday @ the Eastside Cafe. Author of CODESWITCH: Fires From Mi Corazon.